Saturday, August 19, 2006

Would Hezbollah recognize Israel if . . . ?

5. August 7, 2006

Rather than saying that Hamas wants a Palestinian state, I would say that all Palestinians, and in fact the entire Arab world, wants an idependent Palestinian nation. The original UN intent in 1947 was for two independent states (with economic ties)--one Jewish and one Arab--and for Jerusalem to be administered as an international city. Instead today, after repeated wars, Israel has grown to nearly three times its original size, the proposed Arab nation of Palestine is little more than a fragmented reservation, absolutely controlled by Israel; and Jerusalem has been claimed by Israel as its capital city. At least 65 U.N. resolutions have condemned Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, for expanding its borders into land belonging to its Arab neighbors, and for claiming Jerusalem as its capital. With the full support of the U.S., Israel has ignored these resolutions. See:

This year Sunni fanatics, Hamas, gained political control of the democratically elected Palestinian government. That surprising election was surely a result of the frustration the Palestinian people feel about their miserable circumstances and the corruption of their previous leaders. And now Hezbollah, radical Shiites, are doing the same thing: though they represent a small minority of the Lebanese people, they have gained enormous support (over 80% in recent polls) for standing up against what is perceived by the Lebanese as naked agression by the hated Israelis (and Americans who support them) in order to seize more land. If an election were held today, Hezbollah would certainly win in a landslide.

As I see it, Muslim extremists have come into power all over the Middle East directly because of failed U.S. foreign policy. We supported the hated Shah of Iran, we supported Saddam Hussein when he was gassing his own people, we supported Israel's expansion into designated Palestinian territory, into Syria, and into Lebanon. Throughout the Middle East, America is regarded as an evil agressor who wants to control Arab oil and to take Arab land for Israel.

Yes, today both Hamas and Hezbollah call for the destruction of Israel. I think that if the U.S. would have worked harder to long ago bring about a fair settlement of the Palestinian question, these radicals would not now be significant.


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